Taylor Swift Is A Sexy Cyborg In

Taylor Swift Is A Sexy Cyborg In

Taylor Swift Is A Sexy Cyborg In

She once claimed that she did not need to take off her clothes to sell records - but Taylor Swift has employed a little creative ambiguity to stick to that message, while at the same time appearing to be totally naked in a new video. I'm not sure if that font has an official name or if it was created specifically for Batman Forever, but Taylor Swift is definitely using it to promote her latest music video. According to the Telegraph, one of the fans expressed her confusion whether she actually appeared naked with the editing techniques or has she appeared in a bodysuit!

Whatever way, she is covered in black lines all over her body as she turns into the modern-day robot. She flaunts her bold eyes with an intense smoky eye makeup, leaving her golden curls untouched.

Taylor is also seen under a dark hood glaring at the camera.

In the footage, she is seen walking around naked and getting hit by lightning bolts in a scene that is reminiscent of the finale of 1984 movie Ghostbusters. Her wardrobe choices could mean anything at this point, but her fans are thinking she's calling out the rapper for his controversial video.

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That leaves us with one final question: Are you ready for it?

The clip is rife with haunting, futuristic visuals that really cement the whole "old Taylor is Dead" thing.

Or maybe this is what Taylor's character looks like after going out on a solo intergalactic mission without her "Bad Blood" squad.

When the preview for Taylor Swift's next music video dropped on Monday morning, fans were hit with so many details at once in just 15 seconds - including a shot of her in a nude bodysuit. "Ready For It?" music video teaser is a shot aimed directly at hip-hop nemesis Kanye West.

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