Florida business groups to Trump: Back off plans to kill NAFTA

Florida business groups to Trump: Back off plans to kill NAFTA

Florida business groups to Trump: Back off plans to kill NAFTA

On Wednesday, Democrat Congressman Brian Higgins joined his colleagues on the House Ways and Means Committee for a bipartisan meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss binational collaboration as conversations continue related to the North American Free Trade Agreement. The United States takes in three quarters of Canadian exports, but trade relations have been strained since Trump's inauguration earlier this year.

"With an agreement, in 10 years I see a strong region that can face Asia or China, without an agreement I see a weaker region in the medium and long term".

His primary goal was to protect U.S. workers, Trump said, noting Trudeau would also seek to protect Canadians.

Trudeau will travel to Mexico on Thursday to hold additional NAFTA talks with his Mexican counterpart, Enrique Pena Nieto.

Following the most recent round in Ottawa last month, negotiators said they had made progress on subjects such as telecommunications, competition policy, digital trade, regulation and customs and trade facilitation.

Canada and Mexico want their companies to be able to bid on more USA federal and state government contracts, but this is at odds with Trump's "Buy American" agenda.

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The newspaper said British ministers were looking at joining the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as part of planning for the possibility of Britain leaving the European Union in March 2019 without a trade deal.

Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo is the man in charge of Mexico's NAFTA team, and he said this week that Mexico's economy has advanced to a point where it can live without the trilateral trade accord.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would be open to bilateral trade pacts with Mexico or Canada if a deal can not be reached to substantially revise NAFTA.

"There are several poison pill proposals still on the table that could doom the entire deal", he said in a speech delivered in Mexico. Trump made revamping or ending NAFTA - which he has called "a bad deal for our country" - a core pillar of his election campaign as he promised more benefits for U.S. workers in global trade deals. Both leaders are keen to see talks succeed.

People briefed on USA proposals to be presented this week said Washington is seeking to sharply lift North American content threshold in auto manufacturing. The National Automobile Dealers Association said it was concerned about any changes that would make cars costlier. "It makes sense to modernize it", said Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

Mexico has been more assertive with Washington, talking openly about abandoning NAFTA if need be or slashing imports of USA grain. After Donohue made his comments supporting the Nafta, Emily Davis, spokeswoman for the Office of the US Trade Representative, reiterated the administration's position. "We have always understood that draining the swamp would be controversial in Washington".

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