Confusion in Catalonia: independence declaration signed but not implemented

Confusion in Catalonia: independence declaration signed but not implemented

Confusion in Catalonia: independence declaration signed but not implemented

But Mr Puigdemont in his declaration to parliament called for Catalonia's independence to be suspended pending negotiations with Madrid.

Thus Catalonia finds itself in constitutional limbo, as the Spanish Government announces it has requested clarification on whether or not the Catalan Government has actually declared independence.

Puigdemont signed a declaration of independence on Tuesday but halted its implementation to allow negotiations.

In a press conference after a party meeting, Sanchez explained that "we share Rajoy's (Spanish Prime Minister) decision so that Puigdemont (president of Catalonia) clarifies what he said yesterday".

It comes after Regional president Carles Puigdemont vowed to "assume the mandate" for Catalonia to become an independent state after a controversial referendum marred by violence.

"I propose suspending the effects of the declaration of independence to undertake talks in the coming weeks without which it is not possible to reach an agreed solution", he told MPs.

Spain's Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria described Puigdemont as someone "who does not know where he is, where he's going".

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Asked by Newsmax if the Trump administration welcomes talks with Catalonia and Spain, Sanders replied: "I think that's up for the people of Spain and Catalonia to decide, but our position is still consistent with what the president said [September 26]".

Spain's political establishment rounded on Puigdemont following the declaration, and support among separatists in Catalonia was mixed.

He said the "people's will" was to break away from Madrid, but he also said he wanted to "de-escalate" the tension around the issue. Spanish police cracked down on the polls, beating some voters as they closed down polling stations.

Ahead of Puigdemont's address on Tuesday, influential figures including Barcelona's Mayor Ada Colau and European Council President Donald Tusk had urged him to step back from declaring independence.

"I did not expect Independence to be declared today because of all the processes that the government of Spain has begun, both with police actions and with threats", Marc Cazes, a student in Barcelona, said Tuesday.

Nearly 90% of voters backed independence with a turnout of 43%, Catalan officials say.

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