Why your iPhone feels slower when a new one comes out

Why your iPhone feels slower when a new one comes out

Why your iPhone feels slower when a new one comes out

The student found searches for "iPhone slow" spiked just after Apple releases a new iPhone.

While you might be fixated on iOS 11.1's new features you need to remember that this is a beta and betas are meant to catch issues before they appear in the final release.

Hurrah! Now you can really be yourself in emoji form with a new set of long-awaited gender-neutral emojis. For example, new features introduced in a certain update may require more resources or processing power, or a new app designed for the latest iPhone may not run smoothly on an older device.

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The new iOS 11 including many features like smarter new Siri, document scanner, searching handwritten notes, Do not disturb feature while driving, live Photo, new file app, multi-tasking feature for iPhone and iPad, drag and drop feature in iPad and much more. We have all of the latest details about which new emojis we will be seeing in the iOS 11.1 update. This is exactly similar to what users of previous iOS 11 and iOS 11.0.2 versions suffered. So, what could be the major issue for the bugs with the new iOS update?

The iOS 11.1 release date isn't confirmed, but you can try Apple's first milestone iOS 11 update long before its officially released thanks to the iOS 11.1 beta. The upcoming iOS 11.1 will also comprise characters declared on World Emoji Day such as Bearded Person, Woman with Headscarf, Zombie, Breastfeeding, and Person in Lotus Position as well as new food items such as Coconut and Sandwich.

That's because as smartphones get more powerful and more capable with each new release, apps and services are also updated. More faces, of course, including star-struck, a literal head exploding face and an emoji that raises one eyebrow. "Also comprised in the update is the gesture of Love-You, developed after the hand sign of "I love you" in American Sign Language", claims website of Apple newsroom earlier this week.

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