Things WWE Got Right At Hell In A Cell 2017

Things WWE Got Right At Hell In A Cell 2017

Things WWE Got Right At Hell In A Cell 2017

For the sake of the argument though, another Smackdown Live event has come and gone, and another New Day vs. Usos match stole the show.

This also felt like the first Hell in a Cell match in some time where the match lived up to its name.

This was probably one of the best Hell in a Cell matches in recent memory. McMahon placed Owens on a second table, climbed the entire 20-foot-high structure and lept off the top. Even as someone who constantly is intertwined with Owens, Sami's inclusion two weeks ago in the match, and then in trying to tell Shane to back off last week, was odd.

As stated above, I'm pretty confident Jinder will retain the title on Sunday. The Modern Day Maharaja continued his onslaught, but Nakamura unleashed a few devastating kicks to put him in control. So Flair wins by disqualification, but Natalya keeps the belt. As of this writing WWE has yet to confirm that the match will indeed take place on SmackDown.

New Day (Champions) vs. This match made history, as it was the first time any tag team titles had been defended inside Hell in a Cell.

Finally, The Usos landed a double splash with a steel chair from the top rope onto Woods to reclaim the titles. With the teams trading the titles, once again, the feud might not be over after all.

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So all that was left for Sunday night was to see what the big stunt would be. The win makes Corbin look like a coward and keeps A.J. Styles strong despite losing the championship. The Lone Wolf took advantage of some bedlam in the ring at the end of the match, as Tye Dillinger was pinned thanks to a Phenomenal Forearm finding its mark and Styles being evicted from the ring. While Booby Roode handed Dolph Ziggler a beating to secure his pay-per-view win.

Frustrated, Ziggler hit Roode with a Zig-Zag after the match and stormed out of the ring. When Mahal returned in 2016 he had a different look and a much more intense mindset which soon saw him capture the WWE Championship from Randy Orton in surprise fashion at Backlash.

Likewise, it serves as part of a slow-burning push for physically-impressive rising star Shelton Benjamin and well-liked face Chad Gable - now seeking a new gimmick following the departure of his American Alpha tag partner Jason Jordan to the RAW brand as part of a kayfabe storyline positioning him as the long-lost illegitimate son of General Manager Kurt Angle.

Gable and Benjamin got the victory, putting them one step closer toward getting a title shot. There's no way to go here but to have Gable and Benjamin win - or have Mojo Rawley turn heel along with Zack Ryder.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 is in the books and it featured two epic cell matches. In the big bard match of the event, Shane McMahon did not get the result he wanted.

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