Puerto Rico: Trump compares Maria and Katrina deaths

Puerto Rico: Trump compares Maria and Katrina deaths

Puerto Rico: Trump compares Maria and Katrina deaths

As Air Force One headed for Puerto Rico, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has clashed with Trump over the pace of relief efforts, announced she would attend a briefing with the president local leaders.

"I'm just concerned that we're going to lose more people before this is over", he said, "The elderly, people who are frail and people who are already sick".

Then-Republican candidate Trump called Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during the final presidential debate in October 2016.

Ms Cruz wore the shirt during an interview in which she attacked the President for his visit to Puerto Rico after the USA territory was devastated by a hurricane.

Reports state that Mexico plans to ship experts from its state-run power company to the island to help address the region's electricity problems, along with 30 tonnes of bottled water, and mosquito repellent. "What is truly nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people".

"They're too small", said the president, tearing through a pair of white plastic gloves.

During an interview with Univision's talk show Al Punto on Wednesday, Cruz took complete ownership of the label by rocking a black t-shirt with the word "NASTY" printed in large white letters.

Half of the 3.4million USA citizens on the island have access to water service, and almost 40 percent have cell phone service, although many Puerto Ricans are still struggling to find basics like food and water.

Up the road in the upscale Guaynabo neighborhood, one of the fastest to recover, around 200 people cheered Trump's visit to a local church being used to distribute supplies.

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The federal government lacks the authority to simply do away with Puerto Rico's staggering $74 billion debt, much of which is tied up in a court-supervised restructuring process after the territory sought a form of bankruptcy protection previous year.

Fred Papali, a physician from Baltimore with family on the island, spent three days witnessing the dire situation in Puerto Rico.

Well, it may have been a "great" for President Trump by his own standards. "We are talking about life and death".

Cruz and Trump met Tuesday during Trump's visit to the storm-ravaged island. She suspects Trump "didn't even know that Puerto Rico was an island that was part of America".

Earthquake-hit Mexico has itself offered aid to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria's destructive passage through the Caribbean.

The trip is Trump's fourth to areas battered by storms during an unusually violent hurricane season that has also seen parts of Texas, Florida, Louisiana and the U.S. Virgin Islands inundated by floodwaters and hit by high winds.

Cruz also slammed the real estate mogul for comparing the death toll in Puerto Rico to that of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

There will be time for the administration to take credit for Puerto Rico's return to normalcy.

Cruz responded by saying that she was merely asking for additional help and wasn't saying anything about President Trump.

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