Netanyahu: Israel Won't Accept Palestinian Unity Deal

Netanyahu: Israel Won't Accept Palestinian Unity Deal

Netanyahu: Israel Won't Accept Palestinian Unity Deal

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh has said that everyone has the right to own resistance arms, adding that that his movement has closed the chapter of internal division forever, reported yesterday.

A statement by President Abbas that included a comparison between Hezbollah and Hamas Military wing in the Gaza Strip has caused widespread confusion in the past few hours as Abbas said he would not accept any "illegal" weapons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out on Tuesday against efforts by the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and the Gaza-ruling terror group Hamas to form a unity government.

More than two million people live in impoverished Gaza, which has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt for years.

Leaders of Abbas' Fatah party will meet with Hamas negotiators in Cairo next week to discuss security and other contentious matters that were deferred so the hand-over process could begin, Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh said.

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"The whole world is waiting for your efforts to achieve reconciliation among the Palestinian people and appreciates your determination to address all obstacles", Sissi said in a pre-recorded speech addressing the two main Palestinian movements on Tuesday. Palestinian militants have fired about 11,000 rockets into the Jewish state since Israel removed its soldiers and settlers from Gaza in 2005.

Al-Tabba' also said businesspeople demanded to end the crises in Gaza Strip, particularly that of the electricity, "which negatively affects life and paralyzes all economic sectors".

The Trump administration's worldwide negotiations representative, Jason Greenblatt, called on the Palestinians on Monday to recognize Israel and commit to nonviolence, while applauding the Palestinian reconciliation efforts amid the latest round of renewed US-led peace efforts in the region.

Information for this article was contributed by Jonathan Ferziger and Tarek El-Tablawy of Bloomberg News and by Fares Akram of The Associated Press.

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