NAB creates app for Google Assistant

NAB creates app for Google Assistant

NAB creates app for Google Assistant

Google Assistant the popular voice assistant app of Google is now available as a standalone app over Play Store.

Talking about under the hood changes, the focus lately has been on security fixes, Google had to face a lot of heat recently due to malware being found in the apps present on the Play Store, and the company has been providing regular updates since then to come clean out of this mess. Not much has been revealed for this APK version other than it is intended for all devices, including Android Wear and Android TV.

Google's virtual assistant can be activated on (almost) any smartphone/tablet/etc which runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

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The easiest thing to do, and this might also be the first thing you should do when your Google store is not working - Clear Your Google Play Store's Cache. But before we could explore the latest update, Google has released another update, and this time there has been a significant jump in the build number. It allows you to quickly access your Google Assistant with one tap.

In this release, Google Assistant acts a shortcut for the app to the android application that's been already installed on the device. But what exactly this means for its future, and Google's future smartwatch products, we can't yet say. You can ask it to perform different functions on your phone like playing music, playing a specific movie or getting a list of all the movies of your favorite actor or sending a message to someone. If you find this an unnecessary addition, you can make use of the same old way of uttering the hot word "Ok Google" and carry on with your query.

It's the festive season for all Google fans and the biggest and the most exciting Google products are here, and boy they look exciting! The new app sports a modernized interface that is fast and fun to interact with, and has conveniences like offline sync and personalized push notifications baked-in, front and center.

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