Ghasemi Says Regional Conditions Draw Turkey And Iran Closer

Ghasemi Says Regional Conditions Draw Turkey And Iran Closer

Ghasemi Says Regional Conditions Draw Turkey And Iran Closer

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani officially welcomed his Turkish counterpart in Tehran on Wednesday, PressTV reports.

"We want security and stability in the Middle East".

The president stated: "Iran and Turkey do not accept separatism and the escalation of ethnic and religious disagreements designed by conspirators and foreigners for our region, and from the point of view of the two countries, Iraq and Syria are integrated countries and we will not accept changing the geographical boundaries under any condition".

Iran has ordered a halt to all trade in fuel products with Iraqi Kurdistan and has said it will allow Iraqi federal forces to deploy at its border crossings with the region.

After the sixth meeting of the Astana talks last month, Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to jointly monitor a fourth safe zone around Syria's northwestern Idlib province. He also said that his country never harmed Kurdish population.

Ahead of the vote in Iraq, Iran's army and powerful Revolutionary Guard launched a military exercise in Iran's northwestern Kurdish region.

The two presidents are expected to discuss the Syrian crisis and the situation in Iraq, including the "independence referendum" held in the Kurdish autonomy of Iraq.

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The Kurdistan Regional Government has come under worldwide scrutiny for holding an independence referendum slammed by Baghdad as unconstitutional. Erdoğan said, criticizing the KRG administration for holding the vote despite opposition from the global community.

Stressing that combatting terrorism is one of the most important goals of Iran and Turkey, he said: "We must fight any terrorist group, whether they are called ISIL, al-Nusra Front or P.K.K. A decision made with Mossad can not be legitimate", he said. Baghdad responded by announcing further punitive measures.

Erdogan arrived in Tehran on Wednesday and was greeted at the Mehrabad airport by Mohammad Shariatadari, minister of industry and mining.

Iran's Supreme Leader has described Kurdistan's independence referendum as an act of "treason" that must be confronted.

Iran and Turkey fear the secession of Iraq's Kurds would stoke separatist sentiment among their own large Kurdish minorities and are eager to work together with the federal government in Baghdad to block it.

Both countries opposed the referendum and are opposed to any moves towards independence for the KRG-controlled territory.

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