Two Women Plead Not Guilty to Killing Kim Jong-nam

Two Women Plead Not Guilty to Killing Kim Jong-nam

Two Women Plead Not Guilty to Killing Kim Jong-nam

Kim, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was allegedly poisoned with VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in February on his way back to his home in the Chinese territory of Macau. Siti Aisyah of Indonesia and Doan Thi Huon of Vietnam have been charged with spraying with VX, a banned chemical poison, on Kim Jong-nam's face at the Kuala Lumpur airport on February 13.

In all probability, Kim will be the one taking over the throne not just because he is Jong-un's son but the seven-year-old is apparently also being groomed to take over the regime once he is old enough, according to Express UK. He couldn't tell if it was sweat, or something else.

Mr. Kim sought help after the attack but died minutes later. The two women pleaded not guilty. Four North Korean suspects are said to have escaped the country after the attack. The two countries fell out after Malaysia expelled the North Korean ambassador-believing that embassy staff had been involved in the murder-leading Pyongyang to bar all Malaysians from leaving the country.

They were charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code which provides for the mandatory death sentence, upon conviction. Judge Azmi Ariffin refused the request.

The trial is expected to run until Nov 30 and the prosecution is expected to call up to 40 witnesses.

Kim Jong-nam was reportedly the target of previous assassination attempts and had written to his brother in 2012 to plead for mercy, South Korean officials said.

The killing led to weeks of tensions between Malaysia and North Korea.

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Pyongyang has denied any involvement in the death.

Malaysia has detained and questioned other people.

The trial will be closely watched by the Indonesian and Vietnamese governments, which have hired lawyers to defend the women.

"The way the police conducted the investigation in this case is shrouded in mystery", said the lawyer Aisyah, Gooi Soon Seng, accusing the authorities of not cooperating. She hoped to be a singing star and celebrity and says she believed the airport gig was for a reality show.

Over the course of several days, the North Korean, who went by the name of James, had Aisyah go out to shopping centres, hotels and airports and rub oil or pepper sauce on strangers, which he would film on his phone, the lawyer said.

She was paid up to $200 for each "prank".

"Based on the post-mortem examination findings, supporting clinical history and positive laboratory investigation results, I am of the opinion that the cause of death was VX (nerve agent) poisoning following acute onset exposure", he said. Malaysian police had said earlier that the four men had escaped on the day of the murder and returned to North Korea.

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