Nevada runs trick play to release OJ Simpson

Nevada runs trick play to release OJ Simpson

Nevada runs trick play to release OJ Simpson

Simpson, who is now serving a nine-to-33-year sentence in state prison as a result of his October 2008 conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping charges, is using a writ of habeas corpus to seek a new trial, claiming he had such bad representation that his conviction should be reversed. Keast said prison officials did not want anything left behind with Simpson's signature on it that others could take.

Keast said that no media was present at the time of Simpson's release and everything happened the way her team expected.

Reached by phone Sunday, Scotto said he was with Simpson, saying only that the former National Football League star was in a transitional phase after just getting out of prison.

He told his parole board in July: 'I've done my time.

LaVergne said recently that Simpson looked forward to reuniting with his family, eating steak and seafood and returning to Florida.

Speaking about Simpson's July parole hearing, Bondi said, "I've handled parole hearings my entire time as a prosecutor and ..." Simpson had been a Florida resident and his grown children live in that state. It was 5:30 in the morning, just hours after he had been released.

Florida's Corrections Department "has not received any transfer paperwork from Nevada" about Simpson, spokeswoman Ashley Cook said.

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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is objecting to Simpson's relocation to the state, writing a letter days before his release to Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie L. Jones requesting that the department "immediately notify all authorities of Nevada that Florida objects to granting Simpson permission to relocate to Florida to serve parole", according to a press release. They had advised it would be no earlier than Monday and possibly in Las Vegas.

"I'm in a auto for the last five hours, so how do I know how it feels to be out?"

"She's the attorney general, she has nothing to do with it", Lavergne said.

Simpson is out after spending nine years behind bars in a 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping case.

He told officials that leading a group of men into a 2007 armed confrontation was an error in judgment he would not repeat.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. He says he only wanted to retrieve personal items, mementoes and family photos from two sports memorabilia dealers.

Simpson, a former National Football League star and actor, was acquitted of the murders, but was later found liable in a civil suit. He was found not guilty of these charges.

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