Apple TV lacks Dolby Atmos, YouTube 4K; Apple Pay comes to ALDI

Apple TV lacks Dolby Atmos, YouTube 4K; Apple Pay comes to ALDI

Apple TV lacks Dolby Atmos, YouTube 4K; Apple Pay comes to ALDI

While HDR and Dolby Vision movies will be available for download, 4K movies will remain limited to streaming. Dolby Atmos support was missing, however, making potential buyers a little unhappy, given the $179 starting price tag of the Apple TV 4K.

Apple also stated in the support document that a minimum internet speed of 25mbps will be required to stream 4K videos in full quality.

Apple succeeds in its main objective with this upgrade: 4K content looks great, on a 4K television set.

The Apple TV app, one of the default apps included on iPhones and iPads, also syncs with the Apple TV 4K so that you can pick up a show on your mobile device at the same point where you stopped watching it on your television.

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The Cupertino-based tech firm has also tweaked the Apple TV user interface.

"Outside of gaming consoles, custom-built home theater PCs, and the extremely niche Nvidia Shield, the Apple TV 4K is the most powerful mainstream box you can stick under your TV", he wrote.

But, because it's Apple, this 4K version has its own particular flair. The upgraded streaming box comes with CPU with performance twice as fast and graphics four times faster. And despite its negative sentiment regarding its price, Time said the new Apple TV 4K is ideal for "Apple fans willing to pay a premium for convenience". However, those who purchase the new set-top box will be limited in how they can enjoy 4K titles. The Apple TV remote received a subtle but useful redesign that added a textured ring to the menu button. If it's lower than that, Apple devices will automatically lower the quality.

"The new Apple TV doesn't do much more than streaming boxes that cost nearly $100 less-and in some cases, it doesn't even do as much", he wrote.

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