Shanah Tovah: Rosh Hashanah Begins At Sunset Wednesday

Shanah Tovah: Rosh Hashanah Begins At Sunset Wednesday

Shanah Tovah: Rosh Hashanah Begins At Sunset Wednesday

Wednesday night marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, one of the Jewish High Holidays. Each participant prepared two loaves of challah to bake at home, and were encouraged to participate in "Loaves for Love", by sharing a challah with someone so that they can enjoy it as they celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Those 10 days end with Yom Kippur, literally meaning the day of repentance and the holiest Jewish holiday.

Food and desserts were shared in hopes of a sweet new year to come. Under current district rules, teachers should be aware of the holiday when assigning homework and tests as some students will be attending religious services.

When does Rosh Hashanah start?

Previous year it began on 2 October. Keeping up with the tradition, Jews in the city both local (Bene Israel and Bagdadi) as well as Jewish expatriates will aim to visit the synagogue on the first and second day of the new year listen to the sounds of the "Shofar" (ram's horn) when its blown.

Rabbi David Mason showing students at Simon Marks Jewish Primary School how to use a shofar, or ram's horn. "I would like to wish Jews in India and across the globe a very happy new year".

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Fish heads are also eaten, to symbolise the head of the year, and pomegranates, which are said to have 613 seeds, similar to the 613 commandments in the Jewish holy teaching. The evening also featured Israeli dancing.

Rosh Hashanah is celebrated with a candle lighting ceremony.

As with the Sabbath, Orthodox Jews are not allowed to use electricity or work during Rosh Hashanah, which helps with the reflection element, although the rules are slightly more lax when it comes to carrying.

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