IOS 11 Is Out: What You Need To Know

IOS 11 Is Out: What You Need To Know

IOS 11 Is Out: What You Need To Know

Apple has confirmed that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to be available even if you turn off these from Control Center.

The radios themselves, however, will keep humming in the background in a low-power state. Open Settings and navigate to either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and turn them off.

But security researchers warn that users might not realize this and, as a outcome, could leave Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on without noticing.

Many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users will be able to update to iOS 11 wirelessly - when an iOS device displays a message that the update is available, over-the-air installation can be launched by tapping "Install Now". Go to the Settings app to see the new storage section which gives you more details about the way you're using your memory and recommendations on how to optimize it.

Take a long, hard look at all the features of iOS 11 and decide if the features you're the most excited for are worth upgrading for the device you have. Still, several users noticed that iOS 11's Control Center new function doesn't fully disable Bluetooth and WiFi, despite the efforts to toggle switches off.

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If you've been using iPhones for any length of time, chances are that you've been prompted to leave a rating or review for an app that you downloaded at least once or twice.

Apple calls iOS 11 "the biggest software release ever for iPad".

On the other hand, a successful functional jailbreak was performed on the iOS 11 beta version in Shanghai, China at a mobile security conference back in June by a group of security researchers. Or you can do it yourself from Control Center.

Like it or not, Apple has made a decision to keep your iPhone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on for quite a lot of "important features" even after you swipe up from the bottom of the display and toggle off the two connectivity options' respective buttons.

So, if you really turn off your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, do it from the Settings tab! When I asked Siri to tell me about tennis legend Billie Jean King, it went to Wikipedia, and instead of saying, "Here's what I found on the Web", it actually read me the top two paragraphs, a vast improvement over the old way of just sending me a link. (The icon is a small white circle ringed by another circle, similar to a camera shutter icon.) Then, just tap that button to begin recording what's on your screen.

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