Taylor Swift releases new song "Look What You Made Me Do"

Taylor Swift releases new song

Taylor Swift releases new song "Look What You Made Me Do"

Despite the Taylor vs. Kimye drama, some fans believe the lyric 'Locked me out and threw a feast (what?)' is a reference to another longtime feud with frenemy Katy Perry.

Kim started the war when she publicly shamed Taylor after she slammed Kanye West for his song Famous which included the lyrics: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that bitch famous". She also laid the groundwork for an upcoming tour, urging fans to enroll in Ticketmaster's Verified Fan program, which attempts to get more tickets to fans rather than brokers by using a lottery system.

She is clearly making a statement with her verses, 'But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time / Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time'.

Taylor told the group that she's going to send them a "prezzie" and Richard says "she and everyone around her have been great".

Based on her new albums title "Reputation" it's clear that Taylor is trying to set the record straight, and "Look What You Made Me Do" is definitely her first attempt to clapback at all the drama she's been involved in during recent years.

Earlier this week, she tried to eclipse the eclipse's publicity by posting a short video of a snake to tease her new single (which is supposed to be amusing, because people have long associated her with a snake). Since the singer's clues about her new music heavily hinted at her ongoing feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Taylor was heavily associated with the snake emoji after their falling out), the lyric video for the song was the final nail in the coffin to prove those rumours. I wonder now if she's throwing it out the window entirely. Swift then unveiled her new album's cover and title, as well as the release date of the lead single, all in one go.

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The singer, who broke out as a country-pop star at the age of 16, also points to reinventing herself in her latest song.

The song showcases a defiant Swift, hell bent on flipping the narrative and reclaiming the snake persona her haters made her out to be.

Right Said Fred, who came out with the song "I'm Too Sexy" in 1992, have been credited on the song, which is a modern-day "reinvention" of the single.

Kanye has long referred to himself as "Yeezus", and themes of God and Heaven have been present throughout his music, music videos, and tours over the years.

"Look What You Made Me Do", posted to YouTube on Thursday night, is a far darker expression of Swift's musical talents than her previous efforts.

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