Solar eclipse: Wear proper glasses - or risk eye damage

Solar eclipse: Wear proper glasses - or risk eye damage

Solar eclipse: Wear proper glasses - or risk eye damage

"We want customers to buy with confidence anytime they make a purchase on and eclipse glasses sold on are required to comply with the relevant ISO standard", Amazon says in a statement. There has been enormous demand for those kinds of glasses, which prevent the permanent eye damage that the sun's rays could cause.

And with space travel becoming more and more of a possibility, perhaps one day humans will be able to view an eclipse from a different planet.

Though solar eclipses are not uncommon, they rarely appear in the same place on the earth's surface. This blocks out all UV rays and almost all visible light.

"This close to the eclipse, solar glasses are in short supply", said Susan Weikel Morrison, a NASA science education ambassador in Fresno.

"You let the light come through and project onto paper but you don't ever put your eye on there", said Jarvis. But when there's an event that literally requires you to do so in order to experience it, special eyewear is a must.

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Prevent Blindness, a national volunteer agency, said that viewing a solar eclipse without proper eye protection could lead to symptoms like loss of central vision, distorted vision or changes in color vision. During this time it is safe to look up at the eclipse with your naked eye, but the total solar eclipse will only be viewable across parts of the United States - not in Canada.

The sun will be completely eclipsed for almost three minutes.

If purchasing some glasses, make sure that they'll do the job. The only ones that are: eclipse glasses; not with a telescope or binoculars.

If you normally wear eyeglasses, keep them one and put your solar filter on in front of them.

What will the eclipse look like in my town? . No matter where you are, if you can see the eclipse we're ready to send you some glasses. The metallic dome top is flawless for taking reflective photos to be shared on social media, using the hashtags #7eleven and #solarselfie, the company said.

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