Police Killed a Pregnant Woman in Seattle

Her brother, Domico Jones, said that Lyles "was not a person you would fear or feel intimidated by" and that she was anxious the authorities wanted to take away her children, including a toddler with Down's Syndrome. Lyles' friends and family wondered aloud how police could shoot and kill a mother in front of her children.

Lyles was hit multiple times and died inside the apartment.

"Hey! Get back! Get back!" an officer shouts before gunfire erupts.

Police said several children were in the apartment at the time of the shooting and were not hurt. Police were reportedly responding to call placed by Lyles about attempted burglary.

Relatives told The Seattle Times that woman was several months pregnant and had struggled with mental-health issues for the past year.

Authorities added that the pair "were equipped with less lethal force options, per department policy".

The shooting is under investigation, police said.

Furthermore, police forces all over the world are creating very simple solutions to help disarm people with knives or scissors, which Lyles was allegedly holding during a separate incident on June 5.

The officers are then heard greeting Lyles at her door.

"Even if my sister had a knife in her hand, she weighs like nothing, even if she's soaking wet", Monika Williams told reporters at a Sunday evening vigil", Lyles' sister said.

The two officers had gone to Lyles' apartment after a call about a burglary.

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According to a Seattle police spokesperson Mark Jamieson, two officers responded to a burglary call at an apartment unit where the tenant had a previous history with police. Lyles made the call to report that some of her possessions had been stolen.

Isabell described Lyles as depressed but not violent and said she "was going through some things in her life". According to Andre Taylor, the brother of Che Taylor, the family has been put in touch with attorney James Bible, who represented Che's family after he was fatally shot by Seattle police in a year ago. Both officers opened fire, striking the woman several times.

A child steps over burned-out candles at a memorial outside where a pregnant mother was shot and killed at her apartment a day earlier by police, Monday, June 19, 2017, in Seattle.

Other family members told the Seattle Times that they believe her race was a factor in her death. The officers ask her what has been taken and she begins to list certain items that are missing.

"Wait, is this the one with like the three kids?" one officer says on the audio before the shooting.

Seattle police have released the dashboard audio from the June 18 incident that killed Charleena Lyles.

"People should not fear getting shot when they call law enforcement for help", Seattle City Council member Rob Johnson said.

"Do our lives really matter to them?" he asked.

"Lyles' family is concerned for her and they have a strong desire to stabilize her mental health condition before it gets worse".

What the recording does not show, according to official police accounts, is that the woman brandished a knife at the two officers before they responded with lethal force. At the end of the video, an officer can be seen partially backing out of the doorway with his arms raised. "This will be fully investigated", Murray said. However, according to a federal monitor, it had become a "model of policing for the 21st century" in recent years.

Sue Rahr, a former sheriff who heads the state Criminal Justice Training Commission, noted that circumstances determine whether officers are able to use non-lethal force or resolve a situation without force.

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