Local group travels to Virginia vigil for death of Muslim teen

Local group travels to Virginia vigil for death of Muslim teen

Local group travels to Virginia vigil for death of Muslim teen

Police have cited road rage as the motive for the crime, and are reportedly looking into whether she was sexually assaulted.

The crowd overwhelmed suburban traffic, and cars jammed into neighborhood streets more than a mile away to park.

He says "we're doing a thorough investigation". "I'm not safe right now, you know, we feel", she said. Hassanen and her friends were returning from a Ramadan prayer session. "Why? We have to help each other, Muslim, Christian, Jew". "Love is stronger than any hate that tries to stop us", said attendee Elayne Burke.

Darwin Martinez Torres, a 22-year-old from El Salvador thought to be in the USA illegally, was jailed without bail on a murder charge after the girl's body was pulled from a pond near his apartment.

"This tragic case appears to be the result of a road rage incident involving the suspect, who was driving and who is now charged with murder, and a group of teenagers who was walking and riding bikes in and along a roadway", police said in a statement. If you want to support Hassanen's family and community, you can donate here, post on social media, or take a moment to memorialize her in your own community. A pond where the body of a teenage Muslim girl was found is shown on Monday, June 19, 2017, in Sterling, Va.

Nabra's body was also found in a pond in neighboring Loudon County, with authorities saying she was assaulted there a second time.

The Reston teenager's father said he believes Nabra was killed because she was wearing an abaya, a traditional black cloak.

William Miller, a spokesman for the USA attorney's office in Washington D.C., says Soloman will likely have his first court appearance on Thursday, when charging documents further explaining the crime will become public.

"I have two daughters".

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Torres is being held in Fairfax County jail.

Torres is suspected of beating and killing Hassanen. He said the teen's death has prompted the entire community to rally and that the Muslim community is not alone in its grief.

"We came because something very bad happened".

It prompted the Council on American-Islamic Relations to issue an alert calling for Muslim communities to step up security for Ramadan-related activities. Hassanen and her friends were heading to the mosque at the ADAMS center in Sterling, Virginia, about 4 a.m. Sunday when, according to police, a "road rage" incident developed between a driver and bicyclists in the Muslim group. Police say the driver chased the group in his vehicle, then got out with a baseball bat and caught up with Hassanen, brutally beating her.

A SC man has been arrested after a memorial for Nabra Hassanen, a 17-year-old Virginian who was killed while walking home from a mosque with her friends on Sunday, was set on fire, a Fox News affiliate reports. He said he sought to comfort the victim's mother by telling her that a person who dies is such a manner "will enter paradise, with not any question asked".

Joshua Salaam of the ADAMS Center said at a press conference Tuesday that police "have given us complete confidence".

Her father, Mohmoud Hassanen, said that he hoped that the public in general could "stop hating on people for any kind of religion or anything like that".

Associated Press writers Matt Barakat in Fairfax, Virginia; and Ben Nuckols and Luis Alonso Lugo in Sterling, Virginia; contributed to this report.

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