How the harrowing shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice unfolded

How the harrowing shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice unfolded

How the harrowing shooting at a GOP congressional baseball practice unfolded

"So even though he's wounded. he's trying to make sure Steve Scalise is going to be ok".

Brooks also said the shooter shot two officers working protective detail for the Congress members at the event. Scalise underwent surgery and is in stable condition at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, according to a statement by his office. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. At least four other people were also shot.

The White House said Wednesday that Trump will deliver a statement from the White House's Diplomatic Room at 11:30 a.m.

Ms Filous said she saw the shooter hit a uniformed law enforcement officer, who she said was later evacuated by helicopter.

Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger was not at the baseball practice this morning.

"The news we received this morning, is something you never, ever want to hear", Sen. "It was a rapid succession after that, a gunman near the third base dugout just opened fire on the field". "In the field, I see Representative Scalise is shot but moving and he's trying to drag himself through the dirt out into the outfield".

Initial reports said that as many as 50 shots had been fired, but Flake said, "50 would be an understatement".

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He said the gunman had "a rifle of some sort. a lot of ammo".

She said the shooting went on for "quite a while".

"One shooter", said one officer, soon followed by a call for medics as the gunman had been shot. Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who was tending to a wounded aide. said the officers were "90 to 120 feet away", which favored a rifleman over the officers armed with handguns.

"Please keep the member of my staff and all members of the congressional baseball team in your thoughts (and) in your prayers during this extremely hard time", Williams stated via his Tweeter account.

It was the first time that he assumed the presidential responsibility of addressing the nation after a shooting. Williams did not say what condition the staffer was in.

The group were practicing for the annual Democrats versus Republicans congressional baseball game that was scheduled to be played on Thursday.

"Please take a moment today to cherish those you love, and always remember those who serve and keep us safe", Trump said.

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