Life Is Strange: Before The Storm announced, new trailer released

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm announced, new trailer released

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm announced, new trailer released

Later, it was speculated that Colorado-based developer Deck Nine was also working on a Life is odd game. There will be three episodes total, with the first one releasing on August 31st. The biggest takeaway from the trailer was that this won't follow the typical five episode format of most episodic games, but will be chopped down to three.

Shown of at Microsoft's briefing, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm will be a spin-off which will focus on events that took place before the first game, namely the relationship between Chloe and Rachel.

Developers DONTNOD will not be developing the prequel.

If you're wondering who Deck Nine is, the most important answer is that the studio isn't DONTNOD, the dev team responsible for 2015's Life is odd and who is now working on a full sequel to that critically acclaimed episodic adventure. Players will take on the role of a rebellious 16 year-old Chloe Price who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber; a lovely and popular girl destined for success. Life is unusual 2 will continue the deep story telling, allowing you to examine and interact with everything, as well as offering more puzzle solving quests.

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No new information has been revealed about DONTNOD's new Life is odd game, but we did get a look at Deck Nine's new title at E3.

Earlier this month, evidence that a prequel to the critically acclaimed Life is unusual was in the works hit the Internet. This is not the follow-up from original developers DONTNOD Entertainment announced, but rather a three-part miniseries from Deck Nine Games.

At just over a minute and 30 seconds long, the quick edit of scenes in the new trailer didn't reveal much of the plot.

Fans were really invested in the characters of Life Is Strange. Also, there's anarchist symbol in the game's logo.

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