Source says Comey told boss about Trump worries

Source says Comey told boss about Trump worries

Source says Comey told boss about Trump worries

Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is probing Russian meddling in last year's US election, as well as any ties between Moscow and Trump's inner circle. The allegations have drawn comparison to the 1970s Watergate scandal that brought down president Richard Nixon.

But the remark - from a President who in recent weeks has appeared at times consumed by the barrage of Russian Federation allegations - was yet another painful reminder that the Republicans' legislative agenda was about to be upended once again by the controversy that has stormed over the White House for months. They said Comey felt the conversations with the president often veered into improper areas, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation director took pains to prepare for the talks with Trump and to make detailed written records after each one. "In that respect, Thursday will be what everyone's expecting - the most anticipated hearing so far in the Trump administration".

Trump was asked about his message for Comey as the president welcomed Republican congressional leaders to the White House.

With Capitol Hill abuzz, at least two Washington bars were set to open their doors before the hearing's 10am start to Washington residents wanting to tune in live.

Looking for work-arounds, the White House is handing off Comey testimony response efforts to the Republican National Committee, which has already begun coordinating a messaging campaign at the national, state and local levels to defend the White House from Comey's potentially damaging testimony.

The day after Trump fired Comey, he is said to have bragged to Russian officials about it during an Oval Office meeting.

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The nonprofit Great America Alliance said Tuesday it would air an ad calling Comey "just another DC insider only in it for himself". "The American people, on a subject as serious as this, are entitled to the whole truth and nothing but".

On March 22, less than a week after being confirmed by the Senate, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats attended a briefing at the White House together with officials from several government agencies.

When the Justice Department transferred the Russian Federation investigation to Mueller, it gave him the authority to investigate whether the president broke any laws by attempting to obstruct the case or by firing Comey. Comey's testimony will be his first public remarks since Trump summarily fired him on 9 May.

Comey confirmed in March that the FBI was investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and any possible coordination with those in the Trump campaign.

Still, Trump supporters say they are willing to step in to help the White House deflect any accusations from Comey.

Revelations that Nixon secretly taped visits in the White House, and refused to turn over the audio tapes under subpoena, led to his resignation in 1974. There's bipartisan agreement, the email says, that Comey "needs to answer a simple question about his conversations with President Trump: If you were so concerned, why didn't you act on it or notify Congress?" But it is not clear what, if anything, Comey told the president about whether he was being investigated.

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