Girl Disqualified From Tournament for 'Looking Like a Boy'

"When my hair starts to grow, I put it short because I always had short hair".

Mili plays soccer for Omaha's "Azzuri Cachorros" girls club team. WOWT 6 News spoke with the executive director Monday; he said typos do happen on rosters from time to time.

The young girl was preparing to play a game in Springfield Soccer Club girls tournament finals, but before she or her team could take to the field, they were disqualified as officials insisted that Mili was not a girl.

Mili says the incident won't stop her from playing soccer with another club but she certainly doesn't think the decision is fair.

"There's other tournaments that I can play", she said.

Mili's family claims they showed Mili's insurance card to tournament organizers to prove she's a girl, but it wasn't enough.

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Springfield Soccer Club organizers declined to comment to WOWT, but said that Mili's family can challenge the disqualification with the Nebraska State Soccer Association. He said her full first name is Milagros and that Mili is a nickname she's had since she was a baby.

Crying because tournament organizers, thought Mili Hernandez was a boy.

"They didn't want to listen", said her brother, Cruz Hernandez. Hopefully the public outcry will inspire these tournament organizers to pull their rule books out of the 1950s, because Mili and her team worked hard to get where they were.

After hearing Mili's story, American soccer legend Mia Hamm reached out to invite her to a camp.

As a result, the team did not play on Sunday in a game that would send the victor to the tournament semifinals, Farivari said.

Mili said the situation was unfair, but she wouldn't let it dampen her enthusiasm. Not just at the mistake that made his daughter cry, he said, but at officials' unwillingness to hear him out.

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