Adobe goes mobile with Scan app and expanded electronic signature features

Adobe goes mobile with Scan app and expanded electronic signature features

Adobe goes mobile with Scan app and expanded electronic signature features

Along with the release of the new Scan app are ease-of-use changes to Adobe Sign, Adobe's esignature platform, and new and expanded partnerships for Adobe Document Cloud. With the app you can take a photo of documents or use an image from a camera roll.

It definitely isn't the first of its kind but does come with a few features that make it stand out from the crowd.

With Adobe Scan, you get Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that isn't exactly new tech. More importantly, Adobe Scan converts whatever you scan to a PDF while also attempting to convert any text it finds. What this means is that you can then easily edit the text if you want or need to, although it will cost you. Subscribers to Acrobat DC can also unlock powerful functionality to edit and organize documents, collect signatures and much more. Those of you who want to try it out can visit the Google Play Store by clicking the button below to download it your device.

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Addressing this need, Adobe today unveiled new features in Adobe Document Cloud, delivering intuitive experiences that help people get work done anywhere. Adobe Scan finds edges of items before scanning, scans them, attempts to clean them, and then gives you some quick tools like crop, rotate, reorder, etc. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. All the documents are automatically saved on the Adobe Document Cloud. It is similar in use and function to other mobile scanning apps with one large difference: It does OCR conversion free of charge.

Business users can create branded email templates to go along with documents for signature.

Cross-device signature capture makes it possible to capture handwritten signatures even on computers that aren't touch-enabled. Additional capabibilities include Integration with ServiceNow and the ability to add a visible business stamp to a document or form, such as a "received" image or a company seal, or a personal identifier such as a Hanko stamp in Japan. Acrobat, together with Acrobat Reader, is one of the most widely distributed pieces of software, used on over a billion desktops and mobile devices, and more than six billion digital and electronic signature transactions are processed through Document Cloud each year.

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