GOP senator: North Korea missile test 'one of most advanced yet'

GOP senator: North Korea missile test 'one of most advanced yet'

GOP senator: North Korea missile test 'one of most advanced yet'

In a unanimously agreed statement, the 15-member council said it was of vital importance that North Korea show "sincere commitment to denuclearization through concrete action and stressed the importance of working to reduce tensions".

A South Korean government minister has said North Korea's missile program is progressing faster than expected, just hours after the UN Security Council demanded the reclusive country to halt all nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

The statement called for "far stronger sanctions" against North Korea and said the U.S. was watching the situation closely with South Korea and Japan.

The US, Russia and South Korea have all spoken out against the missile test, which flew close to Russia and crashed into the Sea of Japan early on Sunday.

North Korea has said that a missile it tested on Sunday is capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead, state media reported on Monday.

The single-stage KN-17 reached an altitude of 1,200 miles leading to speculation it may be a medium-range missile capable of reaching that distance or greater if fired on a horizontal trajectory.

There are, however, doubts whether North Korea can miniaturise a nuclear weapon sufficiently to fit it into a missile nose cone, and there is no evidence Pyongyang has mastered the technology needed to ensure the missile survives returning into Earth's atmosphere.

North Korea has tested dozens of banned missiles in the past year, though this was the first one deemed by USA officials to have been a success, after a string of recent failures.

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North Korea, in defiance of United Nations sanctions, has already conducted five nuclear tests as part of their developments in nuclear weapons and missiles capable of delivering those weapons to their target.

But he slammed the latest missile test as a "reckless provocation" after holding an emergency meeting with national security advisers.

The most recent launch came days after Moon Jae-in was sworn in as South Korea's president.

North Korea conducted a ballistic missile test Sunday, its 10th this year alone.

Putin said attempts to bully Kim Jong-un's regime were "unacceptable", though he admitted the missile test was equally wrong, according to Daily Mail.

Swedish U.N. Ambassador Olof Skoog said the council needs a firm, united response but "we also feel there needs to be openness for a conversation for dialogue".

North Korea has maintained that the missile test was in response to the nuclear dangers and threats posed by the US and its allies.

Lee also said North Korea should not misjudge South Korea's tough stance against missile tests despite reports of a more "conciliatory" approach to inter-Korea relations under Moon.

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