Armed man arrested at Phoenix Comicon

Armed man arrested at Phoenix Comicon

Armed man arrested at Phoenix Comicon

The suspect - whose name hasn't been released - was carrying four guns - including a shotgun, knives and ammunition, police said. Prop weapons include swords, sabers and fake guns.

An armed man was arrested at a Phoenix Comicon at the Phoenix Convention Center on Thursday.

Police and convention organizers said they are tightening security in response to Thursday's threat.

"This is a great win for the Phoenix Police Department in showing that we as a community work so well with the information that is provided to us", Fortune stated.

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A heavily armed suspect has been arrested after he entered Phoenix Comicon and threatened to kill officers and a performer. The man had reportedly been taking photos of police officers at the annual event, and posting them on social media sites, allegedly intending to use his weapons to injure the officers.

Previously, those attending could bring prop weapons into the event so long as they were screened first by police or event security. "At this time, there is no evidence to cause investigators to believe this is anything more than an isolated incident and not part of a grander scheme". Vendors will still be allowed to seal sealed toy weapons, but the police will require buyers to keep the packages unopened until exiting the venue.

Also, beginning Friday, expect delays on entrance into the event, due to additional added security screenings and a decrease in entry points into venue. The police apprehended the man and took him in for questioning without any shots being fired.

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