New Nokia devices with Snapdragon 835, 660 and 630 leaks via Geekbench

New Nokia devices with Snapdragon 835, 660 and 630 leaks via Geekbench

New Nokia devices with Snapdragon 835, 660 and 630 leaks via Geekbench

In the Internet appeared "live" pictures of the future Nokia smartphone 9, which, according to the leak, will get a double camera and a pretty impressive specifications.

There's a plastic casing around the phone preventing the photographer from getting snaps of the final design, but the hands on does show off some of the Nokia 9 spec we can expect to see.

Leaked images and specs of the upcoming Nokia 9 suggest a smartphone bristling with top Android specs, including a dual-camera lens setup and a shiny QHD display. The handset is touted to run stock Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box. The images also showcase the UI of the phone.

Then there has been a string of rumours about the Nokia 9.

The new Nokia smartphones feature Google's most recent innovation, the Google Assistant, building further on a great Android experience. This would put the Nokia 9 right up there with the latest flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of raw performance.

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Other specifications on the Nokia 9 include 4GB of RAM and 64GB of included storage, we presume it will also come with a microSD card slot for extra storage. And Frandroid was impressed by one camera feature - the ability to take simultaneous, square shots using the rear and front-facing cameras. Further, earlier this month, India Today Tech also confirmed that the smartphone maker is also set to launch Nokia 3, Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 in June. As of now, there is also possibility that Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 end up being different handsets.

In the listing on the GeekBench, the Nokia 9 is tipped to be a high-end smartphone incorporating "ARM implementer 81 architecture 8 variant 10 part 2048 revision 1" which belongs to that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC.

There is no word about the battery capacity but it will support QuickCharge 3.0.

A rectangular Home button sits at the base of the smartphone, and appears to have a fingerprint sensor, flanked by two back-lit capacitive keys.

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