To unite, Christians, Muslims, Trump to visit Saudi, Jerusalem, Vatican

As part of his first official trip overseas at the end of May, U.S. President Donald Trump will visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Brussels, Belgium.

Trump will embark on his first foreign trip as president at the end of May, with stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium and Italy.

Most regional observers are sceptical, not only because of the absence of interest on the part of Israel's politicians to make any concessions, but also due to Mr Trump's own unfamiliarity with the issues involved and his earlier positions that have seemed to be solidly pro-Israel.

On Monday, King Salman welcomed the visits of Trump and the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries and asserted that the Saudi-US Summit's talks, expected on May 20, "will contribute to strengthening and enhancing strategic relations between the two countries in various fields".

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With respect to the US's involvement, which is presently limited to airstrikes and covert war against al-Qaeda in Yemen and providing logistical support for the Saudi war campaign, the operation to seize Hodeidah Port will certainly require a new level of U.S. force commitment that might result in counter-attacks against the United States of America forces and thus spiral out of control.

Trump has used other words to say much the same.

From Israel, Trump will travel to the Vatican for an audience with Pope Francis, who has clashed with the U.S. leader over his stance toward refugees and immigrants.

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The United States will soon complete multiple arms deals with Saudi Arabia, totaling more than $100 billion.

According to CNBC, Saudi Arabia has been expressing an interest in investing in the USA for months. The attacks on Syria and Afghanistan and the sabre-rattling against North Korea suggest that the President could launch a pre-emptive assault on Iran.

"He will urge Palestinian leaders to take steps that will help lead to peace".

As concerns quickly grow over Trump's ability to keep classified materials secret just a day after news emerged he'd shared sensitive state secrets about ISIS with Russian diplomats in the Oval Office, the White House on Tuesday attempted to paint the commander-in-chief's upcoming trip as an opportunity to pivot.

Saudi Arabia has invited Arab leaders and Donald Trump to a summit in Riyadh on May 21.

Israel considers all of Jerusalem as its indisputable capital, a claim that is not recognized internationally.

Trump has frequently been accused of fuelling "Islamophobia" but aides described his decision to visit Saudi Arabia as an effort to reset relations with the Muslim world.

Trump, in turn, called the Pope's questioning of his faith "disgraceful". The president portrayed his Middle East visit as an attempt to build interfaith cooperation among Muslims, Christians and Jews to fight terrorism.

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