Deputy IGP says Jong-nam's kin has left body to Malaysia

Deputy IGP says Jong-nam's kin has left body to Malaysia

Deputy IGP says Jong-nam's kin has left body to Malaysia

Interpol has issued a "red notice" for four North Koreans wanted in connection with the assassination of the half-brother of North Korea's leader. He didn't say when and where the DNA sample was taken.

However, Malaysian authorities have concluded that the deceased man was indeed the outcast half-brother of North Korean leader following a DNA test.

Malaysia has said it will deport 50 North Koreans who are in the country with expired visas.

North Korea has questioned the Malaysian investigation into the murder and refused to acknowledge that the murdered man is Jong-nam. The two countries recently announced a ban that prevent each other's citizens from leaving their countries.

He was allegedly murdered by two women - an Indonesian and a Vietnamese - who reportedly smeared his face with VX, a chemical classified by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction.

Datuk Seri Zahid said the North Korean Embassy was in no position to claim the body without approval from Mr Kim's next of kin.

The WPK ordered factories, organizations and cooperative farms to pay some $1,000, an amount of the money needed to construct an apartment unit, said Kim, the head of the North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity.

"We are hoping to get them via Interpol", he said.

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He said any decision will be subject to negotiations between the two countries amid a diplomatic standoff over the killing.

A red notice is nearly like an global arrest warrant, but it is yet to see whether the four would be arrested as North Korea is not a member of Interpol.

"The police will then take action based on that request".

Investigators have demanded it hand over suspects, three of whom are thought to be hiding in North Korea's embassy in Malaysia. Last Tuesday, North Korea blocked all Malaysians from leaving the country until a "fair settlement" of the case is reached. Tensions between North Korea and Malaysia have led to an Asian Cup match being postponed.

A giant mosaic created by 10,000 North Koreans holding cards at the May Day stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Jong-nam, who had a passport which showed the name Kim Chol, died on the way to Putrajaya Hospital.

It's not clear when the video was shot, but a South Korean National Intelligence Service spokesman verified the son's identity to CNN.

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