Taylor Swift 'stalker arrested after 'pursuing her for months'

And, sadly, Taylor Swift's had some experience dealing with both.

On another occasion, he was spotted hanging out on her roof.

Mohammed Jaffar had the handcuffs slapped on him after he allegedly stalked the superstar over a number of months in New York City.

According to Page Six, 29-year-old Mohammed Jaffar repeatedly visited Taylor Swift's Tribeca penthouse apartment, and on February 6th, he gained entrance to the building where he made his way to the singer's front door.

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Mohammed Jaffar, 29, launched his creepy campaign in December, when he arrived at Swift's Franklin Street address and requested a sit-down with her before being ordered to get lost, the documents state.

The report states that Jaffar showed up on the roof of Swift's apartment building on February 6, staying from 10AM until 2PM and even directly accessing the hallway outside of the singer's penthouse apartment. And Mohammed hasn't just harassed Taylor, as he's reportedly called the A-lister's management company 59 times between January 27 and February 16.

A Taylor Swift fan has reportedly been arrested for stalking the singer at her NY apartment after reportedly waltzed around on the roof of her high-rise building and wandering the halls for several hours.

Jaffar was finally arrested on March 6 on stalking and burglary charges and is being held on $20,000 bond. The judge signed an order of protection to make sure he stays away from Swift. Her star-studded neighbors in the 10-unit building include Orlando Bloom and director Steven Soderbergh, according to StreetEasy.

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