Brother-in-law admits beating to death French family of four

Brother-in-law admits beating to death French family of four

Brother-in-law admits beating to death French family of four

The brother-in-law of a man missing in France along with his wife and two children has admitted killing them, a report says. They said there had been signs of attempts to clean it up. Personal belongings of the daughter and father were later found near Plouguerneau, near Brest, where the sister and her husband live.

Caouissin and his partner, Lydie Troadec - the sister of Pascal Troadec - are being questioned by investigating judges and are expected to be handed preliminary charges later Monday, the prosecutor said.

Caouissin told investigators he managed to wrest the iron bar away, and that he first killed Pascal Troadec and his wife, Brigitte, then their two children, aged 21 and 18.

An investigation into murder, abduction and illegal confinement is under way.

Hubert C, 46, had already been interviewed by investigators at the beginning of their inquiry into the family's disappearance, but he told them he had not seen the Troadecs for several years, French media reported.

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But police detained the pair on Sunday after Hubert C's DNA was found on a glass in the Troadec home and Sebastien's vehicle, recovered last Thursday in a auto park. The national health card of their 18-year-old daughter, Charlotte, was found in a pair of pants in a ditch more than 270 kilometres (170 miles) away.

Police said in a bulletin dated February 24 that Sebastien was suspected of "putting in place a macabre plan aimed at snuffing out the members of his family and maybe himself".

In a search of the family's house last week, investigators found bloodstains matching the DNA of the parents and Sebastien, but not of the daughter.

Officers also discovered traces of Sebastien's and his parents' blood, but not Charlotte's.

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