Super Mario Maker is Coming to 3DS

Super Mario Maker is Coming to 3DS

Super Mario Maker is Coming to 3DS

New assuming you don't already own a Wii U that is, as two of the biggest announcements were for 3DS versions of Super Mario Maker and Yoshi's Woolly World.

Out of the box, Nintendo says we'll get 100 Nintendo-designed courses and the same Super Mario Maker toolset Wii U now enjoy, save for Mystery Mushrooms (a special transformative power-up). Instead, you're encouraged to go out and share them with real-life friends or find hidden gems via StreetPass.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS will give portable games access to loads of courses.

Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS will launch on December 2.

The Wii U isn't quite a failure on the level of the Virtual Boy, but it may be Nintendo's most high profile flop to date. You can still join the 100 Mario Challenge, which allows you to beat a certain set of levels while only using 100 Mario live, and complete other random levels constantly. The long-running "garden strategy" series has been reimagined as a puzzle-platformer with Lemming-like elements-meaning that your main character, Olimar, will throw different-colored Pikmin to solve small puzzles and progress through linear levels.

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New rumors about Nintendo NX get released each and every day now, and today we have some information for you as well, despite are all but official. You fight out tank battles, where the Trooper you enlist will influence your play. Mario Sports: Superstars brings us soccer, tennis, golf, baseball and horseback riding. Although admittedly most of those have been pretty good.

In a surprise move, a side-scrolling Pikmin was announced.

The other exclusive titles for the 3DS are the much talked about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon that will release November 11.

You can rewatch the Nintendo Direct below.

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