McDonald's recalls Happy Meal fitness tracker

McDonald's will give fitness trackers in its Happy Meal in the USA and Canada for four weeks.

The Step-It fitness trackers, which come in six colors, blink depending on the level of activity of the child wearing them.

McDonald's released a statement about product withdraw: "We are voluntarily removing the Step It!".

The company had launched the promotion to coincide with the Rio Olympics in an attempt to clean up its reputation for, you know, perhaps enabling child obesity.

Casey Collyar, a mother in Arkansas, posted on Facebook that her son Cason had a visible burn after playing with the toy for eight minutes.

McDonald's is pulling fitness trackers from its Happy Meals after complaints they caused skin irritation and burns.

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The fitness trackers are part of a larger goal at McDonald's to project a healthier image.

Even with all these changes, McDonald's still believe that they need to improve their meals to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Having observed her own children engaging in more physical activities because of trackers, Thebner said that "kids can be very competitive..." In 2011 McDonald's started offering fruits and Go-Gurt with the Happy Meals after some time receiving critics for the lack of availability of fresh fruit and vegetables on the menu.

"They've added apples in the Happy Meals, they've added milk instead of soda", said Nicole Ferry, a partner and executive director of strategy for branding firm Sullivan. The toy will be available at all restaurants across Canada and the US for the next four weeks. Denver7 visited a Denver McDonald's location Wednesday to check out the Happy Meal gadget.

"A lot of people have assumptions about what McDonald's food is", Jessica Foust, McDonald's corporate chef, told Business Insider in July.

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