Amber Heard denies leaking video of Johnny Depp's drunken rage

Amber Heard denies leaking video of Johnny Depp's drunken rage

Amber Heard denies leaking video of Johnny Depp's drunken rage

A video reportedly showing Johnny Depp smashing a wine bottle and glass during an argument with estranged wife Amber Heard has been leaked online.

According to the Inquisitr, Amber received a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp back in May, following an incident of domestic violence where Heard claimed that he had bruised her face after throwing a cell phone at her. It's hard to tell what happens after that but it sounds like Depp either threw the phone or hit it with something.

She then asks Depp if he drank the wine from the half-empty bottle that is sitting on the bench, which sends him into a rage.

"Nothing happened this morning".

Sounding tearful, the actress replies: "Yeah you're right". "We're not even fighting this morning".

Johnny Depp has appeared in a lot of films over the years.

As he paces around the room, slamming kitchen cupboards and appearing to break a glass in the sink, he then says: "You wanna see insane?"

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A llegedly filmed inside the kitchen of his LA home, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star can be seen slamming cupboard doors before appearing to shatter a glass across the room.

A VIDEO was released by TMZ exposing an angry and violent Johnny Depp. "It was not what I wanted and I am doing what I can to force the media to take it off the internet", she said in a statement to E! At which point Depp notices the camera and snatches it.

Sources close to the actor told TMZ the clip is "heavily edited" and a deliberate set-up by Heard.

The insiders claim that the video was set up by Amber.

Regardless, the tape is unlikely to be admissible in court due to the fact that it's edited, and more so because Depp does not seem to be aware that Heard is taping when the video starts.

Earlier this week, Depp's lawyers claimed Heard refused to testify at her deposition. However, the website reports the video has been entered as evidence in the case. In 2014 Amber claims a medication was prescribed for her after Johnny abused her - and she has the photo to prove it.

Now, it looks Heard has skipped a mandatory court date in her domestic violence/divorce case.

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